Careers In Radio: An Overview For Budding Professionals!

No matter what they say about radio being dead, it remains relevant and extremely valid for a lot of entertainment seekers. This is the age of digital radio, where entertainment matters, and you don’t have to be the prettiest of the lot to host show or work in production. The best thing about radio is the fact that people can switch on to it, on the go. There are ready apps that offer access to radio, and as far as careers are considered, there are endless choices for aspiring students and professionals. In this post, we are discussing all that one must know about radio careers.

Roles in the radio industry

In recent years, the range of radio shows has expanded considerably, which means that people working for these shows have diverse and more interesting roles and jobs to look forward to. Coming to the roles in radio, there are three strict branches that you can consider – Management, Creative and Technical.

  • Let’s start with creative roles. If you are not interested in desk jobs, you can venture into the world of creating and running radio shows. You could be a producer, a morning/late night show host, a commentator, or a presenter. You could host your own show, either independently or with someone, where you would be talking to guests, viewers, and it’s anything but predictable. Producers are responsible for show contents, introducing new tracks and music and also for finding advertisers.
  • Technical roles in radio shows can be as diverse. From being an audio technician who checks, sets up and troubleshoots audio equipment to sound engineers and other professionals who keep the show running, the roles are varied and purely depend on technical knowledge, software and other specific skills.
  • Management, which is the third component, is all about managing a station and ensuring that all the departments work together in a comprehensive way and as per schedule. You could start as an intern, but can become station manager in no time. While management is not always involved in the creative process, they do have a say about various things.

There are various multimedia schools, which offer a fair range of courses that may help in starting a career in radio, and we recommend that you consider one. Do note that careers in radio require training, and when you have the knowledge, you can actually take up specific roles early in your professional life.


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